Change management is big business and there are plenty of highly-qualified consultants ready to come and implement the recipe to ‘fix’ the problems you face. My approach is different: I know that you and your team have all the information and skills you need to thrive, but maybe something is not being recognised or the pattern just hasn’t fallen into place.

I will approach your enterprise as a living organism and work to bring its energy flow back into balance using the shamanic processes developed over 1,000’s of years of human evolution. Why will that work?

– The shamanic worldview holds the seeds of story, which captivates our attention but is also an immensely powerful tool: it deepens our understanding and paves the way for insight.

– Its powerful use of symbolism offers the opportunity to examine the issues and our relationships from a safe and non-judgmental space.

– Working within the 7 directions creates a sacred or held space wherever we are; in that space everyone is safe to express their concerns, questions and make suggestions without fear or shame. Ease generates creativity & engagement.

– We sit in circle where everyone can see and be seen, everyone is involved and has a voice. What arises and resolves in circle is a co-creation, so all are committed to its success.

– Shamans are a bit crazy! And when your guide is a bit weird it gives you permission to let go some of the barriers, loosen preconceptions and let new light in. That’s enough for the seeds of change to put down roots and begin to grow.

Consider these practices with a proven record of bringing change to people, communities and organisations:

– Despacho: the group prepares an offering to give thanks, acknowledge achievement or release an old way.

– Vision Journey: paves the way for new understanding and connections.

– Rites of passage: mark a transition from one state to another, e.g. setting up a new team, amalgamation of operations or change of ownership.

– Power Retrieval: like a vision journey, but with the specific purpose of reclaiming something perceived as lost; usually undertaken for an individual but equally relevant for teams.

And don’t overlook Guided Meditation: regular meditation together helps your team to share aims, goals and creative space with less competition and dissent, as well as boosting health and resilience. A regular meditation session will benefit your team and all it’s members: talk to me about your needs and I’ll put a proposal together.

Get in touch for your free initial consultation and individual quotation, dare to be different – and great!

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” —Albert Einstein

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