These are the best of times and the worst of times (apologies Charles Dickens…). Here in the West we have extraordinary access to information and resources from rich ancient traditions around the world, but only limited capacity to learn from and embody the truth of them. What are we missing?

Initiation and apprenticeship are keystones of all spiritual traditions: initiation opens the doorway and apprenticeship helps us step through, but these are largely missing in our society. My pathway in the Andean tradition has been marked by initiations at every step: these are woven into my energy body or Poqpo and sow the seeds of understanding for me to germinate through study and practice. The effects are profound and have helped me embody the totality of myself and my path in a way that none of my other studies has.

I offer you the benefit of learning this rich tradition, and with my background in healing and teaching, will support your individual needs as you progress. This is your opportunity to be seen, heard, witnessed and guided – I will support and encourage your journey with all the tools at my disposal without being directive or authoritative.

We will work with the issues that you bring, uncovering their relevance and finding the gifts hidden within every challenge. I will share with you the initiations and energy practices of the Andes to connect you with your own resources and empower you to take the next steps on your own then we’ll review the session and your next steps before concluding.

I don’t take responsibility for your path, but I do commit to supporting, informing, inspiring and guiding you to step into your own power and greatness. I have been doing this for many years with a number of individuals but this is the first time I’ve offered it publicly, so I am very excited to offer myself in service to those who feel called.

I ask you to commit to 3 sessions of 2 hours each, to be taken within 6 months. The commitment is important as this isn’t to be taken lightly: this is a growth opportunity, not a quick fix. If you are looking for help with a short-term difficulty please book one of my healing sessions first.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you’re here to train in Hucha Mikuy – the Inka art of eating heavy energy – let’s make it super-accessible! 1 2-hr session to get you started followed by 2 half-hour follow-ups to support and refine your practice: £100 all-in, payable up-front or in stages. Unbelievable value, it really will remove obstacles from your path!

TO BOOK: please call me on +44 (0)7866 427 690, email me here or find me on LinkedIn