Are you comfortable with your life and how it is unfolding? Would you like some guidance to help you walk your path with confidence and joy? I am happy to bring you Soul Wisdom Coaching: not a usual coaching relationship, but an opportunity for you to be seen, heard and witnessed – I will support and encourage your unfolding without being directive or authoritative.

In a typical session you will outline your situation, where you feel the challenges or blockages and what you’ve already tried. We will investigate the energy of these using a variety of techniques including inner & outer journeying, guided meditation and sensory patterning. Where deeper issues arise we’ll investigate those too until you feel ready to take the next steps on your own, then we’ll review the session and your next steps before concluding.

I won’t take responsibility for your path or development, but I do commit to supporting, informing, inspiring and guiding you to step into your own power and greatness. I have been doing this for many years with a number of individuals but this is the first time I’ve offered it publicly, so I am very excited to offer myself in service to those who feel called.

I ask you to commit to 3 sessions of 90 minutes each, to be taken within 6 months. This commitment is important as this isn’t to be taken lightly and I don’t want to waste our time and energy: this is a growth opportunity, not a quick fix. If you are looking for help with a short-term difficulty please book one of my healing sessions first.

3 x 90 minute sessions

TO BOOK: please call me on +44 (0)7866 427 690, email me here or find me on LinkedIn