Sacred Earth: the Reawakening

The land of Africa has stolen my heart! There is such vibrancy, immediacy and presence: certainly here on the edge of the Magaliesberg range about 1.5hrs out of Johannesburg and 10km down a bumpy dirt track it is impossible to ignore the presence of Mother Nature, Pachamama, each and every day. The colours are vibrant, the air is clean, resonant and filled with the sound of birdsong and the land presents me new mysteries and forms every day. Today’s initiation was to remove a tick in the process of embedding itself in my thigh! Then there were the small wriggly orange things that emerged out of the wicker chair I use at the computer, not to mention the bat flying around the roofspace last night. Everywhere there is life and diversity and since these are not things that I know, each one encourages me to look for the reciprocity of relationships: what does this feed on, what will it turn into, what function might it fulfil?

Key to my emerging relationships are the practices of the Andean tradition, which many of you have received or practiced with me over the past few years. The practice of engaging directly through the energy body gives me confidence in handling potentially difficult situations and reminds me all the time that I am not separate from all this manifestation even though much of it is unfamiliar. I do confess though that I removed and squished the tick without attempting to merge with its bubble – sorry Tick-Being. In all my conversations with the Land and the Ancestors I call in and rely on the support of my own Paqarina, Itu Apu and Guiding Star – those cosmic beings who resource, support and guide my unfolding on this planet: wherever I may be I am always firmly anchored in their triangulating constellation.

With great gratitude to all those who have encouraged and supported me to do so, I am overjoyed to announce my first full weekend residential here: Sacred Earth, the Reawakening, from 9th – 11th February. Devised as 3 separate events that together offer a beautifully deep immersion and initiation into our real power and position as cosmic Human Beings, the full weekend will help to nourish the seeds of Andean understanding already germinating here and sow some new ones! Full details on the Event Page, do contact me with questions or to reserve your place.