Kinesiology means that I use a muscle-test to find imbalances in your system. It might be as simple as checking and improving your response to various foods and nutrients or as deep-seated as old beliefs instilled in childhood that are stopping you from developing. Anyone can be muscle-tested, it’s nothing to do with muscle strength and it’s not painful or invasive. I can work with children by testing on a parent as surrogate.

The real benefit is that we can find and deal with stuff without you having to relive it over again: if we’re clearing with a thought you’ll just think it consciously for a couple of minutes while we rebalance the energy, then you’ll find that the sting’s gone out of it altogether. Emotional issues can be dealt with really swiftly too, often with the help of a sniff of essential oils which go straight to the limbic system to switch off the troubling reaction.

It’s great for getting to the seat of those: “I can’t quite put my finger on it” issues or when you can’t decide what sort of treatment to have. And it’s perfect for determining priority: some people come in with long lists of stuff they want sorting out and the job looks endless, but by listening to body priority and tackling the important stuff first a lot of the minor niggles just fade away.

If you’ve already experienced Kinesiology you’ll know how powerful it is; if you haven’t, come and find out for yourself.

Your first session takes 1.5 hours; follow-ups can be 60 or 90 mins.



If you would like to chat please call me on +44 (0)7866 427 690. Or email me here. Or find me on LinkedIn

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