Crystal Healing

Who doesn’t love shiny rocks! Even when we know nothing of their characteristics or chemical makeup we all love the feel of crystals: why? For one thing they all come from the earth so they help us to get grounded and remember our connections with the natural world. But crystals all carry the very special quality of embodying an energy pattern in their crystalline structure and colouring, and this is one of the benefits of using them in healing.

We can use a layout as simple as placing one stone on each of the chakras to balance their energy, or place a crystal point in each hand to boost or calm the energy flow, or create a complex ‘Crystal Doorway’ around the body to encourage a definite change in perception. The crystals bring a little more order, structure and pattern to our energy system and that helps us to relax, heal, integrate and understand who we are and where we’re going.

I can carry out a full session of crystal healing where you will experience usually 3 or 4 different techniques during an hour’s session, all attuned to your aims and goals. More often I find that the body asks for 1 or 2 techniques as part of a Kinesiology (clickthrough) session, so we’ll be muscle-testing for what to do and the body will specify exactly which technique and which crystals to use. It always fits very well – often giving the body some space to expand, release or assimilate energies in a very gentle and supported way. As part of your session I can programme a pocket-sized crystal with a unique vibration to support your healing process; these are charged extra and are also great for distance healing work (click throughs).

Crystal Healing also fits very well with Soul Inspirations (click through) as the energetic patterning of the crystals link us with our own molecular origins in the stars; combining coaching with energy work helps to integrate and speed our development at every level.

Crystal healing provides a beautifully gentle pathway – if you feel the call for healing but aren’t confident about some of the weirder stuff, come and try this first!

Your first session takes 1.5 hours; follow-ups can be 30 mins or 60 mins.


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