My next journey – South Africa

I am delighted to announce that I have been invited to hold a residency in South Africa from January to March 2018. The venue is a beautiful property within 1.5hrs drive from Johannesburg, surrounded by productive farmland and ancient mountains. The property includes an outdoor fire pit, a beautiful underground kiva with space to accommodate 10-15 for residential workshops and extensive flower, vegetable and fruit gardens. It has been beautifully developed and curated over many years by artist Diana van der Westhuizen who has hosted many workshops and ceremonies on site.

I am proposing to host the following events and invite you to register your interest in attending; I am also inviting applications for others to host events and workshops in the space so if you would love to explore the possibilities of a South African venue, please get in touch.

New Moon ritual

17th Jan

Set intentions and call in your visions with this outdoor gathering around the fire.

Imbolc weekender

3rd/ 4th Feb

In the Southern hemisphere this is a celebration of first harvest, so join us to offer gratitude for all the abundance that Pachamama brings; working with the foundational energy practices of the Inka.

New Moon ritual

15th Feb

Set intentions and call in your visions with this outdoor gathering around the fire.

Pachamama Ritual

17th Feb

The Andean tradition teaches that we have no power unless we are connected with the power of nature. In this workshop we’ll investigate and celebrate the powerful forces of nature that support our life’s journey.

Mugwort Initiation

18th Feb

Meet the magical Lady Mugwort, journey with her to engage her guidance and invite her support on your voyage of healing and manifestation.

Full Moon ritual

2nd March

Connect with the full glory of Mama Qillya as we move towards the Spring Equinox.

Womens Empowerment Ritual

3rd March

Come together in circle to explore the feminine healing forces of nature; learn to clear unhelpful imprints and how to practice the feminine earthkeeping tradition.

Andean Initiation weekend

10th/11th March

A full weekend to explore the power of the Andean tradition: engaging with all the powers of nature and weaving our energy belts into a group bubble to send powerful healing into the Earth’s grid.