New Moon Bridging

To the unknowing eye it may well look as though the structure of a bridge is in place to hold 2 points apart and stop them crashing together. And a lot of the internal structures we erect in our lives do just that: my busyness keeps me from connection with others, my self-sufficiency means I don’t have to ask for help, my desire to prove myself means I can’t admit to weakness or vulnerability.

But a healthy society IS one in which there is a web of interconnectedness between members, where the parts mesh together to produce a structure which has the strength of the whole combined with the flexibility of adapting to individual needs and aims. A spider cannot build an effective web with a single strand of silk – she has to weave over a big enough area, with sufficient strength and flexibility to stand a good chance of catching a passing fly and holding it long enough to be consumed.

On my journeys in South Africa I no longer have a home, a car, a wifi router or some of the other conveniences of the western world that mark me as ‘independent’ or ‘successful’. I am still tremendously blessed with resources but I am learning to travel in a different way, often from a place of vulnerability rather than from a position of strength. Last night I went out to a talk just 14kms away, a 20 minute drive. So I set off 2 hours early, got a lift with a friend to a shopping centre, found a shared taxi going my way, jumped off in the next town, asked for and found another taxi which took me close to my destination. I had to ask how to find the taxis, how much to pay, where to get off. It was an opportunity to learn, everyone I asked was happy to help and it was far more fun than coming home by Über (safer at night, I was told).

South Africa has some of the highest indices of disparity in the world and those differences tend to get talked about in terms of race, wealth, education and employment. They are all huge and complex problems requiring concerted effort and will to address them, but effort and will are human attributes that we all access. The question is: how am I directing my effort and will – towards greater unity and interconnectedness, or towards greater individuality and isolation? I don’t have to be solving the world’s economic problems to exercise my choice for unity, I can just be another passenger in a shared taxi along with millions of South Africans every day.

Tomorrow morning the Moon is New, which is a good time to set intentions and sow the seeds we wish to grow. It’s in the sign of Sagittarius which aspects travel, teaching and going beyond our frontiers, and is partnered with Jupiter – the planet of expansion. So can we each take a few moments to review all those effective barriers we have built to separate us from ‘other’ in all its forms? Of all the structures we surround ourselves with, which of them are functioning to keep people out rather than invite them in? Can we open up some of those bridges to make real connections of mutual growth and support, and if we don’t know how to support others, why not ask what their needs are, or what they would like to share? When we each sow seeds of open-hearted connection, imagine how powerfully the web of life will embrace us all.