Kinesiology uses muscle-testing to find and correct imbalances in your system.

It can be as simple as checking and improving your response to foods and nutrients or as profound as dealing with deep-seated childhood beliefs that now limit your growth. Anyone can be muscle-tested, it’s nothing to do with muscle strength and it’s neither painful nor invasive; I can work with children by testing on a parent as surrogate and it often works really quickly with kids.

The benefit is that we find and deal with relevant issues without you having to relive it over again: if we’re clearing with a thought you’ll think it consciously for a couple of minutes while we rebalance the flow, then you’ll find that the sting’s gone. Emotional issues can be dealt with swiftly too, often with the help of essential oils which go straight to the limbic system to unwind the pain response.

It’s great for getting to the seat of those: “I can’t quite put my finger on it” issues or when you can’t decide what treatment to have. And it’s perfect when your issues seem endless and involved: by listening to body priority and tackling important issues first, a lot of others just fade away.

If you’ve already experienced Kinesiology you’ll know how powerful it is; if you haven’t, come and find out for yourself. Initial session 2hrs; follow-ups 90 or 120 mins.

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