Transform yourself
May 2-5th 2019

Supercharge your Subtle Body: Inka Conscious Harmony practices

Understanding how to work with your subtle energy body will help you build integrity and wellbeing, develop loving relationships with others and promote harmony in your local and global community. The Inka empire was one of the most successful in known history: it grew by consensus not conquest, honoured the sacredness of all traditions and functioned as a gift economy. They understand this world is a living energetic entity and their practices help us lead transformational lives in harmony with our environment. Doesn’t this sound like just what we need right now?

If you wish to learn the energetic framework and understanding to function as a loving human in this world then come and receive the Initiations to permanently connect you with global Nature Beings and give you access to all your resources. You will learn skills of moving and transforming energy with intent and you will practice harmonising group energies. The skills are essentially simple to learn though will take practice to master. This is a 3-day intensive in Cape Town South Africa with accommodation and beautiful home-made food included: book now to reawaken your intuitive skills of perception, transformation and harmony!

Tel or WhatsApp +27 033 9288, and don’t be shy if you’re in Britain – we can run this over the summer so get in touch and we’ll make plans.