Pachamama Workshop and Ceremony

The Andean tradition teaches that we have no power unless we are connected with the power of nature and this manifests in a very specific way through ones place of birth aligning us with our destiny. In our modern global society very few of us live close to, or pay attention to the place where we are FROM. Imagine if the place that you are from is also invested in helping you get the place you are going TO. In this workshop we will:

– discover the Andean tradition of living energy
– be imbued individually with the power of our places of birth
– co-create a beautiful ceremony to call in their power and support
– give ourselves permission to dream in our destiny and ask Pachamama to manifest it for us
– learn how to strengthen, harmonise and maintain connections in our daily lives
– practice working in harmony with the power of living energy

Dates to be scheduled for 2019, get in touch for details.

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