Aug 04 2017

Earth Medicine at the Green Gathering

I’ve not been to a Green Gathering before, so I was overjoyed to be invited to run a workshop this year. It’s called Earth Medicine and it brings together everything I’m passionate about, take a look:

“While there is much talk of living sustainably, reducing our footprint and being the change we wish to see – how do we put this into practice in our lives? There are old traditional ways of living in harmony but they were overridden and discredited hundreds if not thousands of years ago. So now we look to indigenous cultures to re-learn the ways that our Ancestors walked.

Debra Delglyn is an initiate of both modern and ancient, eastern and western healing traditions; a practitioner, workshop leader and teacher. She brings the wisdom of the Grandmothers for as the Hopi legend says: “When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world begins to heal.”

In this interactive talk and workshop she will share with you the understanding and skills to:

  • Understand the principle of ‘Sacred Reciprocity’
  • Be aware of and awake to our own energy body and that of others
  • Practice exchanging energy with others
  • Learn to create harmony between individuals and in groups
  • Make a sacred offering to the land and the community

She says: “It’s time we grew up to our potential and our responsibilities! By focusing on energy flow and interchange we move past the personal and into the realm of the collective field. The Inka built one of the world’s most successful empires on the basis of some simple energy principles; let’s learn and apply them for all our futures.”

Do come and say hi if you’re there!