Do you believe in magic?

We are used to associating ‘Magic’ with David Blane, Dynamo and their like: we’re impressed but we know it’s all an illusion and not ‘real magic’. Which begs the question – what would real magic look like? We live everyday with gadgets allowing us to see and talk with people from around the world, we press a remote button and a door opens or a tv channel changes, our doctors gaze deeply into the body to diagnose and operate, but we take all this for granted.

Children on the other hand see everything as magic: the growth of a seedling, the wings of a butterfly, their own ability to laugh one minute and weep the next. ¬†Read them a story and watch their eyes open wide in wonder as the words and pictures of the story leap fully into life for them. Until that is we train their eyes and hearts to see the same ‘rational’ version of the world that we so conveniently share with the civilised western world, then the inner magic dies and we spend our adult lives re-creating it through films, tv and other external stimuli.

Butterfly on thistle flowers

This is one of the outcomes of the process by which consensual reality becomes our norm: those repeated messages from parents, friends and the media all contribute to our conditioning, which then becomes the framework of our lives. Often though there are latent contradictions in the patterns which don’t surface till adult life, such as:

  • being told not to boast vs being able to market our skills
  • doing as we are told vs uncovering our own creativity and style
  • not upsetting others vs being comfortable to express our emotions

Then the helpful framework can become a prison, and unless the underlying patterns are seen and reconciled, our conflict and frustration easily leads to illness and unhappiness. Modern medicine is great at broken bones, acute illness and the like, but has no real insight into the psycho-spiritual human condition. We are amazing beings, with truly extraordinary and magical powers! This is what makes kids’ eyes open wide, but we are so busy coping with the modern world that we forget our real capacities and potential.

That is when we look to someone else to help remind us and it’s what I do everyday in my practice. I witness clients delve into their own internal imagery and emerge with clarity and understanding; I see the physical shape and function of the body transform in moments as old beliefs are seen as outmoded and dropped; I nudge old emotional patterns into more functional purpose as they align more closely with their heart and soul. This is real Magic, and it’s available to all of us not just a special few: just as the caterpillar dissolves inside the pupae to emerge re-born as a butterfly, so can we re-create lives of beauty and joy.

If you are feeling the call to move beyond your current boundaries, you are being challenged at work or at home or you have lost your sense of self, then look into how I can help you to find and live your Joy. It’s never too late and you will not regret it – get in touch now.