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In my recent visit to Peru to receive the Hatun Karpay initiations I was very firmly told by the Mountain-spirits or Apus to get on and share what I’ve learned and received and I’m not going to argue with the Apus, so here you are!

I offer a range of workshops and events, some are passed on as accurately as I can in the framework of the Inka tradition of Nature Wisdom, others are designed for a more general audience or are a synthesis of western and indigenous learning. This is an overview of my groupwork offerings at this time but it changes and develops according to the conditions, so please ask if you resonate with my approach but don’t see what you’re looking for.

Initiations: The Pachamama Workshop & Ceremony connects you with your sources of Power in Nature to align fully with your destiny path; 1 or 2 days.

The Andean Womens Empowerment will connect you with the lineage of female Earthkeepers, guide you in exploring the Divine Feminine in you and help you express the original energy of the Mother; half-day with on-line development group follow-up.

Weaving the Belts of Power (Ñawi Kichay & Chunpi Away): full explanation of the energy anatomy of the human Poqpo (bubble) and opening/installation of the Belts. You will clear old patterns, connect with the global elements and engage in manifesting your full potential; 1 or 2 days.

Ñustas – the healing forces of nature: new for 2018, in partnership with Ellen Kittredge. Learn about the Ñustas, receive their Karpay (initiations) & practise working with them in your local area; half to 2 days.

The following Explorations are suitable for a more general audience without specific interest in indigenous traditions or energy-work, but typically have interest in ecology, community, consciousness, earth-healing etc.

Healing Self, Soil & Society: a practical look at the forces that drive our world and practices to help us connect, engage and bring change, based on indigenous Earthkeeping practices; 3hrs with progression possible.

Shamanic Mugwort Ceremony: Mugwort is a common native herb, not a psychedelic but connects us with our inner vision and understanding; a strong enabler and protector. 3 hrs

Ancestral Healing and Empowerment: clear old imprints from your history, get the support of your ancestors behind you and call on their strengths to power up your destiny. 3 hrs to 1 day.

Transforming Challenges: working with simple but profound energy practices we learn to transform difficulties into greater understanding and literally shed light on our lives; 3 hrs to 1 day.