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Shamanic Healing

Soul Loss, Power Animal Retrieval, Journeying and Energy Cleansing are some the practices that I offer…

Shamanism isn’t really one set of beliefs, it describes a range of practices from around the world that all focus on our relationship with ourselves and our environment. Practices like Soul Loss, Power Animal Retrieval, Journeying and Energy Cleansing are all ways to bring the intangible to life and help us unravel the puzzle of our psyche. Shamanism is practical and applied human developmental psychology that is equally able to help us get over grief or empower our careers as for uncovering our life purpose.

The Shamanic worldview describes the 3 worlds that we inhabit: the Middle world is our everyday reality – our jobs, families, homes and everything that impacts us in the day to day. Here is where we encounter and learn the lessons of this lifetime.

We journey to the Lower world to encounter our Power Animals and Elemental spirits: here we get beneath the surface of life to engage with archetypes. Doing so allows us to leave behind the everyday story and find those themes and patterns that drive us most deeply, the ones that keep recurring until we find our resolution with them. The potential of this world is vast, its gifts are many and varied: engaging with them isn’t always comfortable but it is always enlightening.

In the Upper world we can meet with our Guides and Helping Spirits: this is a bit like taking a helicopter ride to get above the day-to-day and see things in their true perspective. All the wisdom we encounter is of course our own wisdom but the journeying process gives us the capacity to listen to our Higher Selves reminding us of everything that we truly already know but have lost contact with. It is a source of huge relief to come home to knowing the Self.


I always work in sacred space by calling in the 7 Directions: the 4 cardinal directions each relate to an element to anchor us in our physical reality and each is also represented by a Power Animal which expresses the healing qualities we may call on. Then we call in the Above, the Below and the within – our own Presence. Creating an Octahedron in this way expands our boundaries and allows us to safely open doorways into the many aspects of the Self. I will also call on my own and your Guides & Helping Spirits as we journey to non-ordinary reality to find the information and healing you need to find wholeness and harmony.

Sessions are often co-created, with you active in the journeying, finding information and accessing your own power sources. I have a wide range of techniques and tools to facilitate the process and will often stimulate body awareness to find the roots of a deep-seated issue, just as readily as working with all the dimensions and levels through ordinary and non-ordinary reality.

Get ready to be surprised at the ease with which traditional practices will change your perceptions in the modern world!

Your first session takes 2 hours; follow ups can be 60 or 90 mins.


If you would like to chat please call me on +44 (0)7866 427 690. Or email me here. Or find me on LinkedIn