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Healing the Energy Body

We inhabit a world of living energy as Einstein pointed out; in the Andean tradition this is called the Kausay and we are inseparable from it. As energy beings we also have the capacity to engage consciously in practices that align us with the living powers of nature, making more power accessible to us so that we can be effective and compassionate human beings. The goal of a Paqo-initiate is to serve one’s community as effectively and efficiently as possible.

I am happy to offer a range of healing practices based on this tradition which will help you be the whole, happy and healthy human being you are designed to be! These include: sweeping or clearing the energy bubble (Pichay); restoring lost energy parts (Animowachay); opening the ‘eyes’ of the energy body (Ñawi Kichay) and weaving the belts of power (Chunpi Away); connecting you with your sources of power in Nature (initiation of Paqarina and Itu Apu); initiation with Guiding Star. All will work directly in your energy body (Poqpo) and I will teach you the supporting practices so that you can maintain a healthy vibrant Poqpo Energy Bubble.

I can also carry out or guide you in carrying out practices like the Haywarikwee or offerings which help to address our energy balance with the world, or Ayni – reciprocal exchange of energy. These are a beautiful way to give thanks, ask for help and consciously engage with our environment, but there are many others too, and I am happy to help you develop your skills.

Sessions are highly interactive: you will explore, connect with and learn from your own power sources. I bring a wide awareness and many tools to facilitate the process so together we’ll go to the roots of your deep-seated issues, working with all the dimensions and levels of your energy and physical bodies through all the realms. You will be amazed at the ease with which traditional practices change your experience of the modern world.

Sessions are available in South Africa only; length is 2 hours. UK clients can gain a similar level of healing through my Soul Wisdom Coaching sessions. To book: please call or WhatsApp me on +27 (0)61 139 2949 (SA cell). email me here or find me on LinkedIn