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June 26, 2017 by

Whole Body Realignment

Everything that has ever happened to us is recorded in our bodies – in the cells, the fascia, the very DNA – so it is inevitable that we will repeat the same patterns, come across the same stumbling blocks and find it difficult to change direction.

When we start looking for new outcomes we have to change our patterns of behaviour and our approach to life, and these changes must be processed through the body. We have to fully em-body our own wisdom in order to manifest our full truth and if the body is not included in this process you will return time and time again to the old ways.

I understand and listen to body functions across physical, energetic and spiritual levels to help you uncover the roots of pain, unhappiness and dysfunction. With this understanding we can witness the embedded energies and give them space for healing and transformation. I will coach you to understand the wisdom of your own body and treat it as the willing and creative vehicle it is for your journeys on this Earth.

I have a wide range of skills at my disposal including massage, kinesiology, shiatsu, sound & crystal healing and Scenar electro-pulse techniques to help you embrace the truth of your body at every level and bring awakening into the very cells.

Initial sessions take 2 hours; follow-ups can be 60 or 90 mins. Available in South Africa only, please contact me for full details. To book: please call or WhatsApp +27 (0)61 139 2949 (SA cell), email me here. Or find me on LinkedIn