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Healing with the Sacred Feminine: a 3-day workshop 31st March – 3rd April 2017

Communing with the Miskayani Ñust’as – Nature Spirits We are privileged to host Elizabeth B Jenkins, spiritual teacher of Inka Nature Wisdom and bestselling author of 3 influential books, during her fifth teaching tour of the UK. In 1996 Elizabeth…

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Transforming negative emotions from yucky to yummy: workshop 4/5th Feb 2017

Daily life includes the full range of emotions – from tender love of our partners and children to full-on rage at other drivers, the boss or even the weather! All this emotion represents energy and it’s a source of fuel…

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It’s Elementary my dear readers

Classical elements - Earth Water Air Fire Glass

4 directions, 4 winds, 4 wheels on my wagon – there is something inherently balanced and stable about the number 4, and this is made visible in the satisfying ‘squareness’ of geometry. All those houses painted by kids when we…

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Eating heavy energy for others

Welcome crisp butty at the Wingfield Arms, Montford Bridge

Of all the topics in our 6-day workshop series ‘Rebirthing the Wild’, this is the one that Neil and I had the most concerns about. There has been a strong culture in western spiritual/energywork circles of ‘energy protection’ to keep…

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A Landscape of Feelings

Doll Tor

What makes a rock unhappy? When I visited the Andle Stone and Doll Tor (High Peak) recently with a friend we had interestingly complementary experiences. As we approached the Andle Stone I suggested we come into presence, tune in with…

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Freeflowing rubbish

Brook after rain

It took me 3 hours to leave the house. I got up thinking: “Must go for a run” but the rain was raining, the world was grey and Facebook is a bright shiny toy. However wise words from my dear…

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Solstice Unravellings

Panorama and offerings

Increasingly my approach to energy work has been horizontal. One of the best bits of our trip to Gop Hill was just lying on the earth wrapped up warmly in my sleeping bag, gazing out at an ever-changing sky. Then…

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