Career Growth Coaching

There was a time when we got trained for life and stuck it out until retirement: not any longer. The pace of change in society, in our economic and organisational structures and, importantly, our own expectations, often leads us to making significant changes during the course of our careers. This is unsettling as we often have family and financial responsibilities to manage while we transition.

I’m not offering to mentor your career – for that you need someone with industry or sector-relevant experience – but I am offering to stand alongside to support you through the growth process. With my training in coaching and counseling I will give you space to explore your ideas and uncover your soul’s calling; my shamanic and energy tools will help you uncover restrictions & blockages to help you move forward with creativity and confidence.

This isn’t a regimented programme, we work at your pace though I will gently encourage you to keep moving. The only end goal is your happiness with the life that you lead, so if your conclusion is to stay exactly where you are but with a different understanding of its place in your life, I will celebrate that with you! Equally if you feel a huge drive to set up a new NGO to address deforestation I will be right by your side. I have extensive experience in business, the voluntary, cooperative and education sectors and have worked in business counseling for many years so all that understanding will underpin our work together.

Our initial session is 2 hours, after that we can meet for either 1 or 1.5hrs depending on your needs and budget; I’d suggest a frequency of every 4 – 6 weeks in order to maintain momentum, but it’s in your hands. Contact me for an initial exploratory conversation, or book in for a session and explore your unlimited potential.


If you would like to chat please call me on +44 (0)7866 427 690. Or email me here. Or find me on LinkedIn


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