If life is a journey, how do you feel about yours?

Do you need help to focus on your goals, release barriers to change, embrace great health & fine-tune your energy awareness & skills?

I will guide & encourage you to embrace your fears and uncover your truest self. Together we will explore the limitations, restrictions and old-paradigm resonance that is keeping you stuck, it’s imprinted at multiple levels so we’ll find and engage with each of them. As you embrace the significance of those imprints the pattern unravels and you’ll be free – fired up and aligned with your true self and life-purpose. Energetically you are re-wired and aligned with your highest Self.

I have spent a lifetime involved in spiritual transformation and the more I learn the more of a beginner I become – it is blissful! In my early years I studied in the Gurdjieff-Bennett school, then in the metatheatre of Sri Narayan Sadashiv, followed by 15 years training in esoteric and energy healing. In 2011 I encountered the Grandmothers and shamanism, both of which opened my perceptions to the world, channels since developed through initiations with plant medicines. Now my primary source is the Andean Tradition, a way of life and series of practices which are simple in their understanding but can teach us to handle complexity with grace and ease.

I’ve worked in business, colleges, charities and in prisons as well as many years of self-employment. Through it all runs a deep current of search for meaning and what I’ve learned is simple: We are extraordinary beings with boundless potential to live life to the full when we ground ourselves in the reality of the everyday, open ourselves to the blessings of Presence, and allow the truth of the heart to shine through. Don’t miss your opportunity to shine!


Quantum Liberation; Swedish Body Massage; Health Kinesiology; TouchPoint; Andean Spirituality; Myofascial Release; Scenar Practitioner & Advanced; Crystal Healing; Shamanic Healing; Zen Shiatsu; Seated Chair Massage; Seashell Healing; Counselling; Indian Head Massage; Thermo-auricular Therapy; Tree Spirit Healing; Trigger Point Therapy; Sekhem; Reiki; Touch for Health; Assimilation Kinesiology; Energy Healing; Scott Protocol; Healthy Eating Nutrition; Life.