2018: Transforming Alchemy

This workshop ran in Sept 2017; there are no new dates scheduled yet for 2018 but the collaboration is alive and well; get in touch to register your interest as the Phoenix re-emerges.

This is a unique chance to hear Hazel and Debra share their views and skills on what’s going on and where we’re at this year. We all know it’s been a tough year and we’ve had to look hard at old stuff coming up for processing, but now that we’ve entered the Yellow Crystal Seed year in the Mayan calendar everything has changed.


Graphic of new Mayan year

If you have been feeling disoriented and overwhelmed you are definitely not alone! We are going through an extensive period when cycles are ending and old influences are being cleared out: this is the year of Awakening. When we align ouselves, focus our intentions and transcend the chaos all around us, this is the year to create magic and miracles in our lives.

Through this fun and interactive workshop you will encounter your awakening using the principles of personal alchemy. This will help you connect with what supports and nourishes you while developing the courage and patience to be true to yourself. This workshop will help you navigate your own journey by understanding and experiencing:

• What’s been happening? – Spiritual Alchemy: transitions and transformations
• Fire Power – the Phoenix principles and the energy we have had to accept
• Dark night of the soul – have you cracked the egg?
• What’s happening now? – Awakening the Warrior within
• The August pivot – changing pace with the Mayan golden crystal seed
• What’s next? – light living, awareness, assertiveness and authenticity

Join us to find out how to navigate these times and shine a light on magical co-creation of our futures. Tickets £15 waged; £11 unwaged in advance, buy yours here: £17 and £13 on the door. Bring cushion, notepad, pen and questions!

Debra runs a full-time holistic practice in Manchester where she offers clients the chance to “free your true potential in a dance of co-creation”. Her skills are born from years of study and practice in bodywork, vibrational energy and shamanic traditions; prior to stepping onto the practitioner path she engaged in years of personal development work which gives her a solid foundation of self-knowledge and a mature understanding of practical psychology.

Hazel has worked internationally with corporates in personal development training in the UK and South Africa, for charities and government departments in events, community development and health, lectured in holistic therapies, been a TV and radio presenter and is a motivational speaker, trainer, shamanic practitioner and life coach. She has trained thousands of people in living their most unique, inspired and innovative life through merging the practical and spiritual. She is currently living in the sun, sea and mountain energy of the Algarve and has a training retreat there.