Healing with the Sacred Feminine: a 3-day workshop 31st March – 3rd April 2017

Communing with the Miskayani Ñust’as – Nature Spirits

We are privileged to host Elizabeth B Jenkins, spiritual teacher of Inka Nature Wisdom and bestselling author of 3 influential books, during her fifth teaching tour of the UK. In 1996 Elizabeth founded the Wiracocha Foundation to return Ayni to the source of the teachings by supporting the Q’ero people, which she continues to do through her teaching commitments.

She will guide us in applying the Inka skills to retrieve energy, connect with sources of power and build a collective bubble robust enough for individual, community and global healing. We’ll study the theoretical framework alongside practicing the techniques, empowering you to bring unique spiritual service to your community.

The Q’ero peoples of the high Andes in Peru are keepers of an ancient wisdom tradition, unbroken in hundreds of years. It is an earth-based spirituality founded on the principle of Ayni or Sacred Reciprocity and it enables them to survive and thrive in the harsh environment of the mountains – they are some of the happiest people you will meet anywhere!

A Despacho Offering

Course Leader Elizabeth Jenkins is a licensed psychotherapist, cultural investigator and organic farmer who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with her partner and 2 sons. In sharing these teachings she has helped countless people from around the world find wellbeing, inner and outer harmony and personal power. “The transformation of consciousness, spiritual awakening, is the next step in human-nature evolution. This awakening consists of transforming our fear-based state of consciousness to one of trust and personal responsibility by deepening our intrinsic Nature Intelligence (NQ).”

The course starts on the evening of Friday March 31st and completes around 4/5pm on Monday April 3rd after we offer a Despacho in the mountains of Snowdonia. It’s fully-residential based in a beautiful retreat centre on the Nth Wales coast near Penmaenmawr; accommodation is mostly singles with some twin rooms. Tickets here: full cost is £360 per person, which can be paid in 3 equal instalments on or by 16th of Jan, Feb and March 2017. For payments completed after those dates the cost rises to £395.

This class is the perfect next step if you: 1) Know and practice the foundational techniques contained in: ‘THE FOURTH LEVEL: NATURE WISDOM TEACHINGS OF THE INKA’; 2) Have identified and offered ceremony to your Paqarina, Itu Apu, & Guiding Star; 3) Practice Hoocha Mikhuy for at least several months with ability to eat and digest similar, neutral and ‘different’ bubbles from your own; 4) Have created your own Mesa—Bring it!

If you’re not sure whether you fulfill the prerequisites please get in touch: we are holding a Hucha Mikuy workshop in Manchester February 4/5th and can offer support for ceremony and Mesa-building as needed.

Elizabeth Jenkins

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