Transforming negative emotions from yucky to yummy: workshop 4/5th Feb 2017

Daily life includes the full range of emotions – from tender love of our partners and children to full-on rage at other drivers, the boss or even the weather! All this emotion represents energy and it’s a source of fuel which can help us lift our lives from the humdrum to the magical.

In the Inka tradition of the Andes there is no polarising into negative or positive emotions, there are just Heavy and Light energies. Heavy energies have the effect of keeping us stuck in unhelpful patterns, feeling unhappy and powerless while light energies bring us joy, inspiration and connection. We have the possibility as human beings to transform heavy into light and it’s not a difficult skill. Come on this weekend to learn:

  • How to fill your system with light energy and feel great
  • How to transform heavy energies into more joy and love
  • The Inka philosophy and practices
  • How to bring happiness and harmony around you by ‘eating’ heavy energy
  • How to transform every bad day into a great day

On this weekend workshop you will learn the 3 essential practices and 5 founding principles you need to transform your experience and your environment. The style is informal and highly interactive with lots of opportunity to practice the exercises until you feel completely comfortable and confident. Saturday will be spent mostly in groups working to hone your skills and share your experience; on Sunday we’ll take our skills out and practice in the real world. Your life will never be the same again!

Your workshop leaders are Forest Melinn and Debra Delglyn who have been studying the Inka tradition for several years. Forest is an autistic person with multiple trauma triggers whose life is an incredible example of the transforming power of shamanic practice. She has transformed her life from breakdowns, depression and isolation to gentle self-care, partnership and offering service to her community. She has extraordinary capacity and perception in the subtle worlds of energy: learning from her is a unique opportunity to change your thinking and transform your possibilities.

Debra and Forest with Paqo Monika

The workshop will be held from Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th Feb at Whitefield in North Manchester from 10 – 5pm on Saturday and 10 – 1pm on Sunday. Cost for Saturday only is £55, cost of both days is £75 and a £20 deposit secures your place. Strictly limited to a maximum of 13 places, early booking is necessary. Please contact me on Facebook: Debra G Delglyn; tel 07866 427 690 or via email:


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