Eating heavy energy for others

Of all the topics in our 6-day workshop series ‘Rebirthing the Wild’, this is the one that Neil and I had the most concerns about. There has been a strong culture in western spiritual/energywork circles of ‘energy protection’ to keep out harmful external influences: when I learned about this as a trainee Health Kinesiology therapist I was very grateful for the reassurance it offered. Now I’m co-presenting a workshop to teach people how to deliberately ‘eat’ the heavy energy of another – how will that go down?

One of the reasons why I love this work in the Andean tradition – apart from the way it connects me with my first love – Mountains – is that the framework is fundamentally different from our own. Our western society is predicated upon competition – for money, jobs, best schools, recognition, you name it, our underlying attitude tends to be that if I have, it is at the expense of others, and if others have, that is at my expense. This was perfectly demonstrated in this summer’s Brexit vote, where millions of people appear to have been persuaded that the reason why they’re having a tough time, is because ‘other people’ have taken what is rightfully theirs.


Group Sharing


The Inka worldview doesn’t buy into that: they know that the best outcomes for all result from cooperation, not competition. Juan Nuñez del Prado makes this very clear in his teaching: as a 4th Level Paqo he shares all the knowledge that he has, because when a 5th Level Paqo finally appears, he/she will be obliged to share the learnings that brought him/her to that understanding. Their system of energy exchange is designed to develop harmony through cooperation, whether between easily compatible types, or not easily compatible types. The philosophy and exercises are designed to promote harmonious exchanges of energy, not only between people in all sorts of groupings, but between us and our environment. Considering how inharmonious most of our current exchanges with the universe are, and the effects this is having upon every aspect of our environment – just imagine how the world might change when we bring ourselves and our activities into harmony.

The more I practice these energy exchanges, the more power and possibility I find in their use: I can manage my own energy state from moment to moment, so that after one of those annoying phone conversations with the council tax bureaucracy, as soon as I notice how annoyed/frustrated/ helpless I feel, I can start to eat and digest this heavy energy and within a few minutes it’s gone. I don’t have to carry it around, affecting my experience for the rest of the day. And since all those reactions are indicators of deeper disharmony, I’m lightening the burden of old wounds too. I’m still experimenting on ‘eating’ heavy energy with clients in my practice, but already I’m aware how powerful it would be to do this really well. The vision that Neil and I share is to build a group capable of eating heavy energy from places in the world that are suffering from years and generations of unprocessed pain, distress, anger and hurt. The Middle East for a start.

The series of workshops entitled ‘Rebirthing the Wild’ has come to an end for 2016 and we haven’t yet finalised dates for 2017; however I have arranged a special one-off weekend 4-5th February on ‘Working with Negative Emotions’ with Forest Melinn. We’ll show you how to look upon others’ heavy energy as a yummy snack, a tasty treat! Combined with harmonising the flow of energies through your own bubble, you’ll never again need to worry about energy protection – therapists, it’ll change your understanding forever, try it.

Banana split

Tasty treat!


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