Rebirthing the Wild Workshop series

Since I returned earlier this year from training with Elizabeth Jenkins in Hawaii, Neil Brocklehurst and I have been devising, developing and perfecting a series of workshops to share this wisdom with our dear friends and colleagues in the UK.  Neil is a highly experienced practitioner whose initiation into the Andean mystical traditions started 10 years ago in Peru with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society. He later trained with Fourth Level Initiates Elizabeth Jenkins, Ivan and Juan Nuñez del Prado and Américo Yábar in Peru and London. He teaches shamanism in the UK and Malta and travels regularly to South America to deepen his practice. I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have now launched the workshops and bookings are open.

Why am I so excited? I turned 60 this year and it is not an exaggeration to say that I have been on a path of spiritual quest for transformation and enlightenment since the age of 19 when I first encountered the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and John G. Bennett. In that time I have committed myself deeply to many teachings, teachers, methods, groups and studies; over the past 14 years that yearning for self-development has taken me mostly down the route of re-training through many, many disciplines into the multi-skilled and compassionate energy worker that I am today. The Inca tradition is the first and only system that has convinced me it has the potential to bring not just one or two individuals, but whole groups and communities, into a state of harmony, beauty and balance with unlimited potential for spiritual expansion. Yes, I’m that excited, and that’s why I’m keen to share it – I have a deeply heartfelt yearning to live in a world where people can live in ways that bring joy and fulfilment for all.

Debra with Elizabeth in Hawaii

Debra with Elizabeth in Hawaii

So here it is, the Nature Wisdom teachings of the Inca, where you will not only uncover your innate power to move energy for your own health, wellbeing and spiritual growth, but also to create connection and harmony all around. We fulfill our potential as human beings by mastering these simple energy techniques to bring healing in our lives, families and communities. It’s not complicated, but it is complex in its possibilities; the Inca Nature Wisdom teachings have been carefully guarded and handed down in an oral tradition dating back to the first Inca in the 11th century; they are essentially simple to master yet profound in their cosmological origins. They teach three distinct, yet integrated paths: the Right, Middle and Left, which weave together into a powerful set of shamanic practices. Our focus this year is on the teachings of the Middle Path connecting us directly with the spirits of the earth, water, fire, wind and ether. There will be more to come, when these essential basics are being shared and practiced.

So we are offering six, one-day workshops, approximately one per month starting on 25th June and ending in November 2016. Each day will focus on a specific element and the associated nature spirit, chumpi and ñawi(s). We will also introduce you to the core aspects of Incan Cosmology for the techniques you are learning and each workshop will include both traditional and new ritual and ceremony, based on the Inca teachings and our own, core shamanic knowledge and practices. We will help you create a “chumpi mesa” – a special medicine bundle containing chumpi stones, which you can use to pass on this beautiful and powerful nature wisdom to others.

Chumpi mesa

A ‘chumpi mesa’

This profoundly practical path starts with our individual bubble of energy, called the Poqpo, which surrounds and infuses you. You will learn to open, fill, cleanse, connect and engage with the outer world through this bubble, and these basic tools alone can transform your experience. Then we invite you to explore the 4 Chumpis or belts which are woven onto your physical body and which help to mediate between you, your Poqpo and the world around. Each Chumpi contains an energetic opening, the ñawi or eye which you will learn how to open and connect each ñawi with a different nature spirit and element. There are seven ñawis in total, which include our two physical eyes and a seventh in the middle of the forehead.

The workshops are open to all, the only prerequisite is a willingness to experiment with an open mind and an open heart. If you already have a practice, and whether you have a spiritual path or none, this Nature Wisdom work is highly compatible with virtually all traditions and helps us rediscover our relationship with the Natural World. The Inca teachings help us to remember our essential, elemental natures, and so restore within us a deep sense of harmony and peace. They perfectly embody the principle of “as within, so without” for as we reconnect with our Selves we reconnect and transform our World.

We are delighted to hold all six workshops at Hulme Community Garden Centre, just outside Manchester City Centre. This perfect location brings us to the heart of the Inca understanding of cultivation: we plant, germinate, grow and harvest the seeds, plants and flowers of our essential nature. With its permaculture and organic ethos, the Community Garden Centre provides a dynamic and practical base for our work and it’s an inspiring and nurturing oasis in the inner city. Manchester has great public transport links and we can help you find places to stay if you’re non-resident. Or if you have a group who you want to similarly imbue with these superb skills, talk to us about hosting the workshops in your area.

Do please have a look at the full series and reserve your place here on Brown Paper Tickets, and contact me with any questions. I so look forward to sharing this!


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