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If You

are looking to step into and own the totality of yourself on every level, then read on –
The version of ‘me’ that we grow up with in western society is usually very stressed by the demands made upon us, and at the same time very lacking in the real resources needed to address those stresses. We are encouraged to strive and to attain, with all the emphasis being on what we ‘do’, not on who we are. Once we realise that there will always be more to strive for, more to attain and more to do – without end – it is time to pay attention to who we are.

Somewhere at the centre you know that you are YOU, and that you have a unique possibility to express your uniqueness in this extraordinary world of ours. Yet many of us we feel frustrated by our incapacity to express ourselves with truth and courage, often giving in to the demands of the day-to-day and putting our hopes and dreams on the back burner. When is a good time to put ourselves first? How do we shake off the limitations of the past and embrace our greatness? What is stopping us from living joyful lives of empowered influence?

All that is standing in our way are our own beliefs, conditioning, habits and practices – and all these can be changed. If you have the Will to explore, experiment, practice and embody then you can have a completely different set of outcomes – the ones that your heart and soul are urging you to embrace!
So I invite you to engage on this path with me and I will:

* help you evaluate what is and is not working for you now
* instruct you in energy practices to expand your perception
* initiate you into the powerful practices of the Andean tradition
* connect you with your sources of nature power
* support and guide your journey of self-discovery
This is something that only we can do for ourselves, but we don’t have to do it alone!



What I Offer

Raised: £3.210,00 Goal: £6.500,00

Energy Healing

We inhabit a world of living energy as Einstein pointed

Raised: £1.255,00 Goal: £9.600,00

Body Work

The body is the seat of our consciousness and if we

Raised: £0,00 Goal: £0,00

Crystal Healing

Crystals are ancient stones with powerful healing

Raised: £2.755,00 Goal: £7.500,00


In my recent visit to Peru to receive the Hatun Karpay



Y Manchester

Testimonial following a despacho ceremony:

“I do feel different since we did the ceremony. It was important to mourn
the losses of my Mum and (x) as I hadn’t been able to due to the ongoing
situation with (x). Since then I feel like I have let go of a lot. I have
been able get rid of some of Mum’s and my own belongings.

Things have also improved at work. I have been able to stand up to the
bully at work and I am a lot more content. And this coincides with when you
must have released the offering.”

F Newcastle

“I am still reaping the benefits of a more balanced approach to my health,
in all aspects. I really enjoyed the sessions and will always consider it
an option for any issues with my health and wellbeing in the future. I have
a more relaxed, yet more controlled approach to looking after myself now. I
don’t know how or why, but the sessions worked for me and I am very happy.”

G Manchester

“Having found what I like has made a difference to myself and therefore I
can ride the waves!! instead of drowning in them.”