Shamanic Healing

Shamanism isn’t really one set of beliefs, it describes a range of practices from around the world that all focus on our relationship with ourselves and our environment. Practices like Soul Loss…


Body work

The body is the seat of our consciousness and the only one we’ve got for this journey through the cosmos, so it’s worth looking after! The body is a faithful servant and will do it’s best to cope and


Crystal Healing

Who doesn’t love shiny rocks! Even when we know nothing of their characteristics or chemical makeup we all love the feel of crystals: why? For one thing they all come from the earth so they help us to get


Classical elements - Earth Water Air Fire Glass

It’s Elementary my dear readers

4 directions, 4 winds, 4 wheels on my wagon – there is something inherently balanced and stable about the number 4, and this is made visible in the satisfying ‘squareness’ of geometry. All those houses painted by kids when we…

Welcome crisp butty at the Wingfield Arms, Montford Bridge

Eating heavy energy for others

Of all the topics in our 6-day workshop series ‘Rebirthing the Wild’, this is the one that Neil and I had the most concerns about. There has been a strong culture in western spiritual/energywork circles of ‘energy protection’ to keep…

Doll Tor

A Landscape of Feelings

What makes a rock unhappy? When I visited the Andle Stone and Doll Tor (High Peak) recently with a friend we had interestingly complementary experiences. As we approached the Andle Stone I suggested we come into presence, tune in with…



Welcome to The Wisdom Path!   I am passionate about great health, happiness and wellbeing and I aim to inspire that in you too. My focus is joyful empowerment: just as I encourage you to accept your wholeness and take…

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The Wisdom Path serves this vision: that each of us has the potential to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. To settle for anything less serves no purpose – we rob ourselves and the world of our uniqueness, so what are…

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